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An alarming increase in truck hijackings has raised a red flag for fleet owners to be extra vigilant during the Covid19 Season

Criminals have also become more professional in terms of technique and process. Criminals are now so sophisticated that they are using signal jammers, diversion tactics, infiltration teams, blackmail, and even planted employees to reach products or assets.

Where value is involved (precious metals, high-value assets, etc), hijacking operations are target-specific and often outlets and potential markets are developed long before the hijacking occurs

Before considering tracking and/or recovery solutions speak to a GAC Track and Trace consultant. A tactical security / recovery expert could also be consulted to provide in-house assistance by vetting drivers and doing stock loss audits


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We believe that fighting crime is not an individual task, but rather a group effort.
“Your safety is not only your right but also a necessity”

Kidnappings on the rise as families pay ransom money – GAC Executive Protection for you and your family

If you or your family are wealthy business icons in South Africa, you might be a potential target. The odds are higher that you or a family member could be kidnapped for ransom money

One never wants to hear facts like this, but truth MUST be told!

For the year 2019, kidnappers earned more than R1 billion alone in ransom money. This figure is believed to be less than the true figure due to the families of victims who never report these crimes as they are threatened not to do so. In most cases, the families of the victims simply choose to pay the ransom and never involve the police

Kidnappings will continue to rise because families of the victim are willing to pay the ransom money

How many kidnappings are there in South Africa?

The figures highlight a substantial 133% increase in reported cases since 2010/2011 – up from 2,839 that year to 6,632 in 2019/20. The growth in the past year alone was 16% nationally, with 930 more cases recorded compared to the previous year

What is the sentence for kidnapping in South Africa?

What is the Punishment for Kidnapping in South Africa? If found guilty of kidnapping, the law states that the minimum sentence is five years’ imprisonment

Do you require Executive Protection for you or your family?

Executive Protection

With minimal disruption and complete peace of mind, GAC Security escorts and family protection services are not only reactive but also pro-active

GAC’s elite members (Former Special Forces Operators, Police Officers, and Soldiers) completely understand the importance of protecting, not merely the principle in person, but also their reputation, their brand, and their image

VIP Security Consultation

Executive Protection, VIP Protection, Close Protection is either the start or end result of most work that is undertaken

Clients often seek a comprehensive risk assessment to determine the level of risk or threat either to their person, family or business

GAC Risk Solutions makes informed decisions based on intelligent assessments on each specific criteria and based on that we provide a solution to fit our client’s individual needs


Planning an Event – You need Security!

GAC can provide a complete security solution for your event(s), no matter how big or small. 

Currently in South Africa, whether you are hosting/attending functions like Funerals, Weddings, Sunday Church, Festivals or Concerts, you will need Security Services. Due to the current criminal activity statistics in South Africa, it is no secret that criminals seize every opportunity they can to commit their crimes

We pride ourselves in the reputation that we have earned and built throughout each and every event and client we have worked with and therefore, we do not believe or tolerate any shortcuts when delivering our services.  Our teams are constantly undergoing training for crowd management, project management, logistical requirements and expert skills development. 

We are a fully functional team that can plan, review, plan again, implement and deploy while being fully able to manage an event. 

From music concerts, festivals, stadiums, corporate functions, film shoots, red carpet affairs, school events, community events, weddings, funerals, private parties to expos and social gatherings, whatever event, we are the right company to manage your event

• Security drivers
• Human barriers
• Talent/Artist or Player security protection
• Stewards
• Car park security
• Crowd management officers
• VIP Protection
• Access control
• Location Security
• Doormen
• Reaction Units
• Medical Service Team

Our Gallery Speaks for Itself

Pens Down Concert – GAC Event Security
Zoerdoef Festival 2018 – GAC Event Security
Summer Shutdown 2019 Live A.K.A – GAC Event Security Services
Ultimate Aim Dewald Wasservall – GAC Event Security


Have ever heard of the term EDC?

EDC, for those of you not familiar with the phrase, means EveryDay Carry. Everyday carry or every-day carry is a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on a person every day. The main reasons for having EDC are utility and preparedness; to help individuals overcome simple everyday problems, and to prepare someone for the unexpected and possibly dangerous situation


So you want to put together an everyday carry kit. You’ve chosen to be prepared for whatever life throws at you, from normal daily needs to life-threatening emergency situations. The question is, what should you include?

To begin with, there are basic items like a knife, a watch, a pen, a flashlight, a compass, a power bank and a phone, but there’s also a number of other products in various configurations that would be great for your kit

Did you know that in South-Africa, it is legal to carry a knife but the length of the blade must not exceed 10cm in length otherwise it is considered illegal


This is no child’s play everyday carry and is no bug out bag for when the sh-t hits the fan. These are real, practical, durable items you should consider carrying every day

Two important things are frequently misunderstood by beginner EDC fans. The first is that EDC gear is about what you would carry every day of your life. The second is to make sure you do carry it, otherwise, what would be the point of getting it in the first place?

Has GAC inspired you to start carrying your EDC?


Robbers caught in the act in Soshanguve

On 18.08.2020 a joint operation between SAPS Organised Crime Unit and GAC Risk Solutions took place. We received information about a planned robbery of a well-known delivery company. The delivery vehicle was on-route delivering parcels in the Soshanguve area.

We noticed the delivery vehicle being followed by the charcoal-colored vehicle that matched the exact description of the suspect’s vehicle that was being used to commit numerous robberies.

At first, we kept our distance while following the suspects. The delivery vehicle made its way through a small suburb, not noticing the suspects were following them.


When the delivery vehicle pulled into a driveway of a house in Soshanguve, the charcoal-colored vehicle pulled in behind them in an attempt to rob them. We then acted swiftly and apprehend all 4 suspects.

The suspects were all taken to Soshanguve Police station for processing. Two of the four suspects were positively identified for committing a previous crime with that exact same vehicle.


Tips to improve your Survival in a farm attack

If you can defend yourself and your family, you can defend your neighbors; when neighbors defend each other, they defend their community

The first thing that needs to change is one’s mindset.

If you can acknowledge that you are a soft target or you can admit to yourself that you can become a victim of an attack, you already started with your mindset change. Most people refuse to acknowledge that they could be vulnerable and don’t think an attack could happen to them.

In an attack your mind can be one of your worst enemies or your best friend. Your body’s natural reaction to danger is the fight-flight-freeze response. It’s a type of stress response that helps you react to perceived threats. In a contact situation, you don’t want to freeze, it can cost you your life, neither do you just want to run as this might also cost you your life.

Now you are probably wondering what must I do then?

The mind controls the body. When you train your mind with muscle memory drills and exercises, the rest will follow.


The stereotypical roles of men and women should also change. People, in general, should not only think that it’s only a man’s responsibility to protect their family in vulnerable situations. In most attacks, the suspects go after the male figure of the house first. This leaves their wives to defend themself and/or the rest of the family. By training females more sufficiently, the element of surprise will be pushed back onto the attackers.

There are four mental modes of preparedness

  • Green – Relaxed and calm
  • Yellow -Vigilant of your surroundings
  • Orange – Knowledge of an attack that can or is going to take place
  • Red – In attack or defense mode
    We suggest that you should always be between yellow and orange mode

We all know that it is easy to say, change your mindset. But how does one actually do that?

This is what our training is all about. We understand the need to protect what is important and valuable to you. Therefore, we also know how important it is to teach you how to be mentally ready for any critical situation. The mind is only a muscle that needs to be trained.