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PSIRA Overview

The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) established in 2002 in terms of Section 2 of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act (Act No 56 of 2001). The strategic mandate of PSiRA originates from the Act and the regulations issued in terms of the Act.


The primary objectives of the Authority are to regulate the private security industry and to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service provider in the public and national interest and the interest of the private security industry itself, and for that purpose, subject to the Act, to:
(a)  promote a legitimate private security industry which acts in terms of the principles contained in the Constitution and other applicable law;
(b)  ensure that all security service providers act in the public and national interest in the rendering of security services;
(c)  promote a private security industry which is characterised by professionalism, transparency, accountability, equity and accessibility;
(d)  promote stability of the private security industry;
(e)  promote and encourage trustworthiness of security service providers;
(f)   determine and enforce minimum standards of occupational conduct in respect of security service providers;
(g)  encourage and promote efficiency in and responsibility with regard to the rendering of security services;
(h)  promote, maintain and protect the status and interests of the occupation of security service provider;
(i)   ensure that the process of registration of security service providers is transparent, fair, objective and concluded timeously;
(j)   promote high standards in the training of security service providers and prospective security service providers;
(k)  encourage ownership and control of security businesses by persons historically disadvantaged through unfair discrimination;
(l)   encourage equal opportunity employment practices in the private security industry;
(m) promote the protection and enforcement of the rights of security officers and other employees in the private security industry;



PSiRA’s success must be judged by its impact on society and specifically by ensuring that all the people of South Africa are and feel safe.


To protect the constitutional rights of all people to life, safety and dignity through the effective promotion and regulation of the private security industry.

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