GAC Risk Solutions joins the E2 Project

GAC Risk Solutions has joined the Eyes and Ears Initiative (E2), it’s an official joint crime-fighting initiative between the South African Police Service (SAPS), Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA) and the Private Security Industry (PSI) whereby the PSI formally cooperates with the SAPS by relaying information directly to the Provincial Operational Command Centre (POCC) and in some instances, receiving such relevant information directly from it.

“Thus GAC Security has direct access to the SAPS Command Centre”

The PSI, through BACSA, has at least one representative on a 24/7 basis in the POCC. All PSI participants use the agreed Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) which uses the Push-To-Talk (HALO PTT) technology over a Cellular communication network and a Telegram group to communicate with the PSI staff in the E2 POCC.

The objectives of the E2 initiative are:

– To enhance the situational awareness of the SAPS by using the Private Security Industry’s (PSI) geographical deployment footprint for the sharing of information.
– To enhance operational response to crime hotspot areas, violent crimes, TRIO crimes and with specific emphasis on crimes that are heavily dependent on situational information and a shared concern for both the SAPS and the PSI.
– To allow for the PSI to assist each other (and SAPS) were needed in a noncommercial and non-competitive capacity.



To own a firearm in South Africa, you need to be found Competent. Competency is granted by SAPS. In order for you to apply by SAPS for your competency, you will require a Proficiency certificate from a Training Service Provider that is accredited by SAPS and PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers Council)

GAC delivers training to you as a Private Person or for Security Professionals seeking refresher courses or employment opportunities at Security Companies. All our Instructors are fully trained and accredited by PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers Council)


Where can I do my Proficiency training?

At GAC Risk Solutions

What type of firearm training courses does GAC deliver?

Private Use:

  • Law – Unit Standard 117705
  • Handle and use of a Handgun – Unit Standard 119649
  • Handle and use of a Shotgun – Unit Standard 119652
  • Handle and use of a Self-loading Rifle/Carbine – Unit Standard 119650
  • Handle and use of a Manually Operated Rifle/Carbine – Unit Standard 119651

Business Use:

  • Handle and use of a Handgun – Unit Standard 123515
  • Handle and use of a Shotgun – Unit Standard 123514
  • Handle and use of a Self-loading Rifle/Carbine – Unit Standard 123511
  • Handle and use of a Manually Operated Rifle/Carbine – Unit Standard 123519
  • Regulation 21 Competency Testing
GAC forms part of Securi North Training which is fully accredited by PFTC (Professional Firearms Trainers Council) and the SAPS
(Accredited Firearms Trainer, Re-Licensing, Firearms Control ACT 2000 Proficiency for SAPS Competency and Motivations)

Contact Information: (Pretoria Region)
Chris – 083 774 4335


Whether it’s an airport transfer from OR Tambo, Lanseria, or a visit to the Kruger National Park. GAC services are aimed at providing you with comfort, convenience and complete peace of mind during your trip

Get the right service provider for the job.

GAC offers the following services to you as a Business or Private person:
• Close Protection Specialist
• Security Escorts

Our services are not only offered to clients who have reason to believe that their life may be in danger but also to any person seeking a safe journey

Hunting in South Africa


It’s no secret that South Africa has got a high crime rate, but it must not stop you as a hunter to come and visit this remarkable land with its diverse hunting fields that will leave marks and memories for years to come

GAC together with Vosges Safari’s have joined hands to bring you tailor-made packages not only for hunting but to look after your safety and security during your hunt

GAC can provide you with a complete Security Solution for your hunt, no matter how big or how small. We pride ourselves in the reputation that we have earned and built throughout each and every hunt and client we have worked with. And therefore, we do not believe or tolerate any shortcuts when delivering our services. To ensure a safe environment for you as a hunter GAC members together with Vosges Safari’s have an in-depth understanding of the location that you will be visiting and therefore we can identify any potential threats and challenges that may come your way. GAC can not only deliver security escorts from the airport but we can be by your side during your entire hunting trip



Vosges Hunting Safari’s is a Privately owned Game farm, only 1-hour drive from O.R. Tambo International Airport and a mere 40 minutes from Pretoria.
Vosges Safari’s sets the perfect background to an untamed wilderness and conservation area, which is one of the most beautiful hunting locations in South Africa.  Upon arrival, you will immediately experience the tranquility and beauty of the South African bushveld, a wilderness paradise, which will leave you breathless.

Every season in the bushveld has its beauty. Early morning in the summer and the grass is dressed in water droplets. In winter sunsets draw silhouettes of bare trees and dying grass. The constant between the seasons are the sounds and feelings



Hunters can exclusively hunt on this privately owned property and it’s concession farms in the Dinokeng area.Tailor made Hunting packages are our specialty, which will suit your individual needs.
For more information about our hunting packages, please contact us for quotation.

Hunting GALLERY:


Email –

Phone Number (RSA) +27 84 500 4636

GAC 2021 Incident Highlights

A New Year brings about new inspirations, dreams and goals for everyone. People can start fresh, begin a new chapter, forget about the past, or perhaps, they just want things to get better

Let’s hope that the thieves have a change of heart in 2022!

Truck Hijacking Fleet Concern’s – GAC Tracking Solutions

An alarming increase in truck hijackings has raised a red flag for fleet owners to be extra vigilant during the Covid19 Season

Criminals have also become more professional in terms of technique and process. Criminals are now so sophisticated that they are using signal jammers, diversion tactics, infiltration teams, blackmail, and even planted employees to reach products or assets.

Where value is involved (precious metals, high-value assets, etc), hijacking operations are target-specific and often outlets and potential markets are developed long before the hijacking occurs

Before considering tracking and/or recovery solutions speak to a GAC Track and Trace consultant. A tactical security / recovery expert could also be consulted to provide in-house assistance by vetting drivers and doing stock loss audits


Don’t hesitate to ask us anything.
Email us directly at
or call us at 079 453 4677

We believe that fighting crime is not an individual task, but rather a group effort.
“Your safety is not only your right but also a necessity”

I take kids from parents, take my hand, let me lead you to hell – METH

“My Name: “Is Meth” I destroy homes, I tear families apart, take your children, and that’s just the start. I’m more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold, The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me, remember I’m easily found

I live all around you – in schools and in town I live with the rich; I live with the poor, I live down the street, and maybe next door. I’m made in a lab, but not as you think, I can be made under the kitchen sink

In your child’s closet, and even in the woods, If this scares you to death, well it certainly should. I have many names, but there’s one you know best, I’m sure you’ve heard of me, my name is crystal meth.

My power is awesome; try me you’ll see, But if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go, But try me twice, and I’ll own your soul.

When I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie, You do what you have to — just to get high. The crimes you’ll commit for my narcotic charms will be worth the pleasure you’ll feel in your arms, your lungs your nose.

You’ll lie to your mother; you’ll steal from your dad, When you see their tears, you should feel sad. But you’ll forget your morals and how you were raised, I’ll be your conscience, I’ll teach you my ways

I take kids from parents, and parents from kids, I turn people from God and separate friends. I’ll take everything from you, your looks and your pride, I’ll be with you always — right by your side.

You’ll give up everything – your family, your home, Your friends, your money, then you’ll be alone. I’ll take and take, till you have nothing more to give, When I’m finished with you, you’ll be lucky to live.

If you try me be warned – this is no game, If, given the chance, I’ll drive you insane. I’ll ravish your body, I’ll control your mind, I’ll own you completely, your soul will be mine.

The nightmares I’ll give you while lying in bed, The voices you’ll hear, from inside your head. The sweats, the shakes, the visions you’ll see, I want you to know, these are all gifts from me.

But then it’s too late, and you’ll know in your heart, That you are mine, and we shall not part. You’ll regret that you tried me, they always do, But you came to me, not I to you.

You knew this would happen, many times you were told, But you challenged my power and chose to be bold. You could have said no, and just walked away, If you could live that day over, now what would you say?

I’ll be your master, you will be my slave, I’ll even go with you when you go to your grave. Now that you have met me, what will you do? Will you try me or not? It’s all up to you.

I can bring you more misery than words can tell, Come to take my hand, let me lead you to hell.”


Stolen Vehicle Lesson 101 – Only R80/pm for a BEAME

Today’s stolen vehicle lesson is presented by the Smartest stolen vehicle recovery solution on the market – BAEME

Lesson 101:
1. Stolen vehicle + No vehicle recovery unit = No recovered vehicle
2. Stolen vehicle + Beame recovery unit = Recovered Vehicle

For as little as R80 per month for a BEAME recovery solution, make the correct choice. You don’t have to get schooled by thieves

Here’s what a customer had to say about

beame car tracking and recovery logo



• Free Installation • 36 months contract

Contact us today for a free quote or to book your installation:
079 453 4677

Kidnappings on the rise as families pay ransom money – GAC Executive Protection for you and your family

If you or your family are wealthy business icons in South Africa, you might be a potential target. The odds are higher that you or a family member could be kidnapped for ransom money

One never wants to hear facts like this, but truth MUST be told!

For the year 2019, kidnappers earned more than R1 billion alone in ransom money. This figure is believed to be less than the true figure due to the families of victims who never report these crimes as they are threatened not to do so. In most cases, the families of the victims simply choose to pay the ransom and never involve the police

Kidnappings will continue to rise because families of the victim are willing to pay the ransom money

How many kidnappings are there in South Africa?

The figures highlight a substantial 133% increase in reported cases since 2010/2011 – up from 2,839 that year to 6,632 in 2019/20. The growth in the past year alone was 16% nationally, with 930 more cases recorded compared to the previous year

What is the sentence for kidnapping in South Africa?

What is the Punishment for Kidnapping in South Africa? If found guilty of kidnapping, the law states that the minimum sentence is five years’ imprisonment

Do you require Executive Protection for you or your family?

Executive Protection

With minimal disruption and complete peace of mind, GAC Security escorts and family protection services are not only reactive but also pro-active

GAC’s elite members (Former Special Forces Operators, Police Officers, and Soldiers) completely understand the importance of protecting, not merely the principle in person, but also their reputation, their brand, and their image

VIP Security Consultation

Executive Protection, VIP Protection, Close Protection is either the start or end result of most work that is undertaken

Clients often seek a comprehensive risk assessment to determine the level of risk or threat either to their person, family or business

GAC Risk Solutions makes informed decisions based on intelligent assessments on each specific criteria and based on that we provide a solution to fit our client’s individual needs


4 Basic security tips during the festive season

You will never be able to stop a criminal but you can delay their actions by thinking ahead and by making the entry process more complicated. Don’t be a soft target, crime can happen to anyone at any time.

1. Keep your travel plans offline

If you’re planning to travel during the holiday season, be sure to keep your travel plans off your social media networks. Never post where you’re going, when you’re leaving, or when you’ll be back.

This is prime information for a burglar to know when your house will be empty. Even if you have the highest level of security on your social accounts, posting this kind of information is never recommended.

2.Keep your alarm system in check

If you have an alarm system installed in your household, ensure that it is in full working order. Testing your system for faults can save you the risk of ineffective robbery prevention

CCTV: The Ultimate Security Solution

3. Load your vehicle in the back yard or in your garage, behind closed doors

A fully packed holiday car left in front of the house is a green light for those opportunistic criminals. They will know that you will be leaving within a few hours after the vehicle is packed

4. New Presents / Electronic Equipment

Do not throw the empty boxes of your newly bought TV or expensive electronic equipment on the side curb. Criminals see this as an open invitation. Through doing this, criminals also know what you have on the inside of your house and will use this as an opportunity to try and take what is yours

You will never be able to stop a criminal but you can delay their actions by thinking ahead and by making the entry process more complicated. Don’t be a soft target, crime can happen to anyone at any time.