Professional & discreet bodyguards

"Your safety is not only your right but also a necessity"

VIP and Close Protection Service

Close Protection officers

Executive Protection

Minimal disruption with complete peace of mind. Security escorts and family protection.

Our close protection officers are experienced and pro-active.

Our elite members completely understand the importance of protecting, not merely the principle in person, but also their reputation, our brand and image.


VIP Security Consultation

Executive Protection, VIP Protection, Close Protection is either the start or end result of most work that is undertaken.

Clients often seek for a comprehensive risk assessment to determine the level of risk or threat either to their person, family or business.

GAC Risk Solutions makes informed decisions based on intelligent assessments on each specific criteria and based on that we provide a solution to fit our client's individual needs.


VIP Event Security

When you are planning to host an event, a party or an exhibition, chances are you need the right protection to make sure everything goes as planned.

This is where our VIP Event Security comes into play. We will stand ready for you and your guests at your event.

Emergency Security Consultaion Required?

Professional & discreet bodyguards, and Executive VIP Protection.