Planning an Event – You need Security!

GAC can provide a complete security solution for your event(s), no matter how big or small. 

Currently in South Africa, whether you are hosting/attending functions like Funerals, Weddings, Sunday Church, Festivals or Concerts, you will need Security Services. Due to the current criminal activity statistics in South Africa, it is no secret that criminals seize every opportunity they can to commit their crimes

We pride ourselves in the reputation that we have earned and built throughout each and every event and client we have worked with and therefore, we do not believe or tolerate any shortcuts when delivering our services.  Our teams are constantly undergoing training for crowd management, project management, logistical requirements and expert skills development. 

We are a fully functional team that can plan, review, plan again, implement and deploy while being fully able to manage an event. 

From music concerts, festivals, stadiums, corporate functions, film shoots, red carpet affairs, school events, community events, weddings, funerals, private parties to expos and social gatherings, whatever event, we are the right company to manage your event

• Security drivers
• Human barriers
• Talent/Artist or Player security protection
• Stewards
• Car park security
• Crowd management officers
• VIP Protection
• Access control
• Location Security
• Doormen
• Reaction Units
• Medical Service Team

Our Gallery Speaks for Itself

Pens Down Concert – GAC Event Security
Zoerdoef Festival 2018 – GAC Event Security
Summer Shutdown 2019 Live A.K.A – GAC Event Security Services
Ultimate Aim Dewald Wasservall – GAC Event Security


Bank following robberies – Escorting Services

Close Protection officers


Bank following robberies and Cash in Transit robberies has dramatically increased during these last few months in South-Africa. If you think it can’t happen to you, we urge you to drastically reevaluate your decision and change your mindset .

Whether it’s an airport transfer from OR Tambo, Lanseria, or a PRIVATE ARMED ESCORT from to the BANK and back, GAC services are aimed at providing you with comfort, convenience and complete peace of mind during your trip.


GAC offers the following services to you as a Business or Private person:

  • Close Protection Specialist Services
  • Security Drivers
  • Armed Escorting

Our services are not only offered to clients who have reason to believe that their life may be in danger but also to any person seeking a safe journey


Ken jou Vyand – Moet nie jou Vyand onderskat nie!

Van die oog af lyk dit net soos ‘n paar takkies wat op die grond lê, maar dié uitgepakte takkies op die grond staan bekend as Kriptografie

Kriptografie (vanuit Grieks kryptòs, “Weggesteek”, en gràphein, “om te skryf”) is tradisioneel. Dit is die studie van tegnieke om inligting vanaf die normale leesbare formaat na ‘n onbekende formaat om te skakel wat vir ongewenste partye wat mag toegang verkry tot die kommunikasiekanaal, onverstaanbaar te maak. Verder word gepoog om dit so moeilik as moontlik te maak om te ontsyfer sonder die geheime kennis (sleutel) wat as invoer tot die ontsyferingsalgoritme dien. In die verlede is kriptografie ingespan om geheimhouding tydens strategies belangrike kommunikasie te verseker (tipies kommunikasie van spioene, militêre leiers, en diplomate).

In die beeld hierbo was dié verdagte man vasgetrek deur GAC Sekuriteit op ‘n privaat perseel in die noorde van Pretoria. Na ondersoek het ons op verskeie merker items afgekom wat hierdie verdagte by hom gedra het. Hy het opslag gemaak of hy mal is en gladnie verstaan wat gebeur nie. Hy het selfs gemaak of hy gladnie weet wat die items in sy besit was nie. Maar met verdere ondersoek wat dit duidelik dat die verdagte presies verstaan het en geweet het waarvoor die items was.

Waar word Kriptografie gebruik?

  • Plaasaanvalle
  • Huisbrake
  • Vee diefstal
  • Oplaai punte
  • Vervoer roetes
  • Stap roetes
  • Transito Rooftogte

Die bogenoemde fotos is van die items wat in die merker plaaser se broeksakke gevind was. Soos te sien op die fotos was daar van baba skoene tot dooie slange en paddas, papiere met nommers, verkeie kleure ens gevind. Al hierdie items lyk op die oog af net soos gewonde rommel, maar dit is presies hoekom hierdie Kriptografie dien as ‘n strategiese kommunikasie middel tussen kriminele en kwaad doeners.

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Camouflage and Concealment – Specialised Services

CAMO – Camouflage
It is used in the disguising of personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings

Nowadays, Camouflage clothing is a modern fashion statement and is easily accessible from stores. The majority of people that wears camo wouldn’t even know where to apply the pattern that they are wearing in a real-life threat situation

Camouflaging can be seen as the art of deception or as a form of protection. The most basic way of camouflaging yourself is to make certain that you don’t stick out like a sore thumb, by wearing clothing that has the same color or colors as the area where you operate in.



By mastering the above-mentioned basics, you will not only improve your camouflage skills but also enhance your chance of survival if you are in a threat situation seeking cover


GAC Crowd management team deployed during Covid-19 Lockdown

GAC Crowd Management QRF (Quick Reaction Force) team was deployed on the 22/05/2020 on short notice. Within a few hours, the matter on-hand was settled calmly and swiftly.

With South-Africa having one of the highest rates of industrial and civil unrest actions and its strikes being well known for its violence, it must be in every business’s need to be properly prepared for these types of unrest that occur more frequently nowadays.


Mass actions can not only financially damage any company with regards to property damage, personal injury and production loss, but can also cause serious damage to an established brand and the way the public perceive that brand globally

– Strong formations display a professional well-organized appearance –

The use of force, including non-lethal force, is our last resort. Instead of trying to “beat” the rioters in battle, we calmed the crowd and dispersed them by using non-invasive, non- lethal organized force.


Tips to improve your Survival in a farm attack

If you can defend yourself and your family, you can defend your neighbors; when neighbors defend each other, they defend their community

The first thing that needs to change is one’s mindset.

If you can acknowledge that you are a soft target or you can admit to yourself that you can become a victim of an attack, you already started with your mindset change. Most people refuse to acknowledge that they could be vulnerable and don’t think an attack could happen to them.

In an attack your mind can be one of your worst enemies or your best friend. Your body’s natural reaction to danger is the fight-flight-freeze response. It’s a type of stress response that helps you react to perceived threats. In a contact situation, you don’t want to freeze, it can cost you your life, neither do you just want to run as this might also cost you your life.

Now you are probably wondering what must I do then?

The mind controls the body. When you train your mind with muscle memory drills and exercises, the rest will follow.


The stereotypical roles of men and women should also change. People, in general, should not only think that it’s only a man’s responsibility to protect their family in vulnerable situations. In most attacks, the suspects go after the male figure of the house first. This leaves their wives to defend themself and/or the rest of the family. By training females more sufficiently, the element of surprise will be pushed back onto the attackers.

There are four mental modes of preparedness

  • Green – Relaxed and calm
  • Yellow -Vigilant of your surroundings
  • Orange – Knowledge of an attack that can or is going to take place
  • Red – In attack or defense mode
    We suggest that you should always be between yellow and orange mode

We all know that it is easy to say, change your mindset. But how does one actually do that?

This is what our training is all about. We understand the need to protect what is important and valuable to you. Therefore, we also know how important it is to teach you how to be mentally ready for any critical situation. The mind is only a muscle that needs to be trained.


Intruders Spotted Before Crimes Could Be Committed

GAC Off-site monitoring did not only monitor and detect security threats throughout the day or night, but it also provided them with the data needed to build profiling on these suspects

Some of the issues that our off-site monitoring solutions have picked up in the past include security breaches as well as crimes before they were able to be committed.

With off-site monitoring from GAC Risk Solutions, the clients were able to minimize the element of human error and ensure that all daily events and coming-and-going are monitored and recorded

GAC Control Centre operates 24 hours a day. All radio calls are recorded and monitored daily. GAC have immediate access to Medical Services, the Fire Department and the Police Department and their own Quick Reaction Force

Perimeter fences are your first line of defense when it comes to securing your premises. The use of high concrete walls, steel wire fences, electric fences, creates a deterrent – both physical and psychological – to unauthorized entry.

Ask yourself, the following question.

Do you want to be notified when an unwanted intruder already gained/broken through your first line of defense, or do you want to be notified when an unwanted intruder is in process of gaining/breaking through your first line of defense?

Perimeter CCTV systems combined with Off-Site Monitoring is the answer to your question.

GAC Risk Solutions can provide CCTV rental options combined with off-site monitoring to any business or private person Contact us today:


Private Security Firm Reaches Out To Public For Support

Mr. Brits in his element

For Mr Brits, a local farmer from the Apies river area, the morning of 5th May 2020 would have just been the start to another normal day.  But this day drastically changed his life when he was involved in a car crash with another vehicle in Lavender Avenue that caused Mr Brits to nearly loose his life.  The impact of the accident was so severe that Mr Brits were left in a critical condition where he broke his neck and fractured multiple discs in his back leaving him at risk to never be able to live the life he used to. The cause of the accident has not yet been determent as we do not have sufficient information yet.  Further investigation is pending on this matter

Follow the link for more information

Mr Brits is a hard-working, loving, and caring husband and father of two children, whom are now in urgent need of support and help from US all.  Mr Brits is the leader and anker of his household. But as a result of this unfortunate accident, he will no longer be able to fulfil his duties at home or even live a normal life without the help and support of the community, family and friends. 

A fundraising  trust account has been opened where anyone can contribute any amount towards the various areas of need for Mr Brits and his family.  Mr Brits will have to undergo multiple surgeries and months of therapy in order to recover from this dramatic event.  Since they do not have a medical aid, expenses will add up to a substantial amount

The Brits family need your support
Follow and Like the Facebook page for future updates on Mr Theo

Changes will have to be made to their home in order to accommodate various medical impairments that Mr Brits will be facing during recovery. They will be facing a loss of income as Mr Brits will not be able to farm, they will further have difficult times ahead and will need all the help they can get. We kindly ask anyone who can, to help Mr Brits and his family to survive this unfortunate incident that left them severely devastated by contributing to the fund raiser trust account.  All funds will be managed by J Broodryk Attorneys.  Please help us to make a difference.

You can make a difference