Operation clean-up “Hlanza” GAC assisting the community

SAPS Pta North and Various other surrounding Police stations joined hands with the local CPF’s patrollers and security companies to “clean-up” the Magalies mountain range from forest dwellers

GAC assisted the community and SAPS with this task. We entered the mountain range from the “poort’s” side heading in a westerly direction

Other groups entered the mountain range from behind the Joos Bekker caravan park and from Merwede Street in Mountain View

Various items, structures, and tools were found in the mountain range where we patrolled. The patrollers also found spots where copper cables were being stripped and burned. Over-all the operation was a massive success and we would also like to thank every single person who took their time to help by joined in this task. It would not have been such an effective operation without each and every person dedicating themselves to this cause