The video-verified alarm system is your answer

If you have a Traditional Alarm not monitored by GAC Risk Solutions

Response Time : + 20 Minutes

If you have a Videofied Alarm System monitored by GAC Risk Soutions

Response Time : 10 Minutes

Why choose Videofied over another alarm system?

A traditional alarm system notifies you that a sensor was tripped, but can’t verify who or what tripped the alarm. Videofied MotionViewers send a short video clip every time the built-in PIR motion sensor trips, providing immediate verification to the operator at the central monitoring station and enabling Priority Response from the police to make an arrest and stop the intruder

How does Videofied work?

When the MotionViewer sensor is tripped, a 10 second video clip of the event is captured and sent through cell or IP network to a central monitoring station (ARC). The wireless, passive infrared sensor (PIR) works with a digital video camera to record color video during the daytime, monochrome at night, all in full VGA resolution. Verification of the event is key – and so is swift, rapid video transfer to the Central Station for review and dispatch. The video clip can also be configured for a lower-resolution, smaller file

Where can I install a Videofied system?

The entire Videofied system is wireless and capable of running on batteries, so it can be installed anywhere there is cellular reception. Control panels communicate to monitoring stations over the 3G/4G cell network or a wired Ethernet connection. For remote sites where the cellular signal may be weaker, a directional Yagi antenna kit is available.

Do I need lighting? How far do the illuminators reach?

You don’t need to purchase additional lighting. MotionViewers have built-in infrared illuminators with an outdoor range of 30 feet (just over 9 meters), and an indoor range of 23 feet (just over 7 meters).

What if someone grabs the Motion Viewer?

If theft of the system is a major concern, remember that the devices don’t require wiring or power; they can be installed in subtle locations. Even if someone approaches an armed MotionViewer, the event is captured and transmitted to the panel, which may be hundreds of feet away.

Does inclement weather affect the system?

No. Advanced algorithmic technology in the PIR means the MotionViewer doesn’t trip on rain, snow or lightning, except in extreme cases.