Intruders Spotted Before Crimes Could Be Committed

GAC Off-site monitoring did not only monitor and detect security threats throughout the day or night, but it also provided them with the data needed to build profiling on these suspects

Some of the issues that our off-site monitoring solutions have picked up in the past include security breaches as well as crimes before they were able to be committed.

With off-site monitoring from GAC Risk Solutions, the clients were able to minimize the element of human error and ensure that all daily events and coming-and-going are monitored and recorded

GAC Control Centre operates 24 hours a day. All radio calls are recorded and monitored daily. GAC have immediate access to Medical Services, the Fire Department and the Police Department and their own Quick Reaction Force

Perimeter fences are your first line of defense when it comes to securing your premises. The use of high concrete walls, steel wire fences, electric fences, creates a deterrent – both physical and psychological – to unauthorized entry.

Ask yourself, the following question.

Do you want to be notified when an unwanted intruder already gained/broken through your first line of defense, or do you want to be notified when an unwanted intruder is in process of gaining/breaking through your first line of defense?

Perimeter CCTV systems combined with Off-Site Monitoring is the answer to your question.

GAC Risk Solutions can provide CCTV rental options combined with off-site monitoring to any business or private person Contact us today: