Hostage victim rescued from hijackers

09.12.2020 12h20
GAC Security and various other Security and Tracking Companies received a message on a security platform, asking if there was anybody in the Akasia / Orchards area to search for a victim that was hijacked and being kept hostage

Within minutes GAC and other units were dispatched and arrived at the specified address. Upon arrival, the suspects fled the scene on foot

The victim was rescued from the house where he was being held hostage. He was unharmed but emotional and traumatized. His vehicle and belongings were all recovered and returned to him

The victim were reunited with his family later that day


Farmers, it’s never too late to “Gear-up”

A Picture speaks a thousand words

GAC believes by actively empowering communities, husbands, wives, and children, by providing them with the necessary tools, advice, and skills is the first step to prevent, avoid or overcome a farm attack.

The hard and sad truth that everybody knows but no one would say is that nobody is coming to save you as fast as you would like. Safety starts at your home. More than 70% of farm attacks happen between the 4 walls that you call home. Your life and your family’s life is your own responsibility. Why not be better prepared?


While farmer’s residents are being infiltrated and attacked in military-style co-ordinated methods, it makes it impossible for farmers to have a survival chance without prior necessary training.

A criminal’s primary advantage is the element of surprise, and this needs to be changed. Now you are probably wondering, how do I eliminate the element of surprise? One of the answers is, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET! We like to call it MENTAL TRAINING.

We must be honest with ourselves. According to Police statistics, there is an increase in farm murders. Read the article below:

With this being said, if you are living on a farm, it might only be a matter of time before you become part of the statistics – Farmers, don’t get caught on the back foot! Act today and change your chances of survival.

It has been said that, you are going to fight the way you train. Training is not only a physical practice but also a mental practice. Our minds are our biggest enemy when facing the element of surprise such as an attack. When you are in danger your mind gives you three options, fight, flight or freeze. Fight-Flight-Freeze response is the body’s automatic built-in system designed to protect us from threats or danger.

Nowadays it must be everybody’s mindset to improve their own safety and security. Times are only going to get harder and tougher.

Farmers, are you tired of theft on your farm? Are you concerned about your safety? Do you need some tactical training? Call us today. We can help with advice, training (tactical, physical, mental) and we also do consultations.


Agriculture sites with GAC Monitoring

What is Videofied?

Videofied is not a CCTV surveillance system that simply records videos that are accessed by the owner. Rather, Videofied is a complete video alarm system that sends a short video clip with the alarm notification to GAC Risk Solutions Control Room for immediate review.

Videofied links the video with GAC Staff in the control room – self-surveillance does not offer this option or layer of security. Our monitored video alarm delivers quicker police dispatch.

Monitoring Validation

The central station receives the alarm and video together in the same message, allowing monitoring staff to instantly confirm the presence of an intruder. Non-events are also identified, preventing charges for false alarms.

Videofied is a great tool for protecting agricultural machinery, ammonia anhydrous tanks, piles of harvested sugar beets, irrigation equipment, remote grain storage and agricultural fields themselves. Videofied can be installed with only a cell tower signal – no need for the traditional AC power, phone line or internet requirements that agricultural sites often lack. Since agricultural sites are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate false alarms and deliver priority response from Law Enforcement.

Benefits for Agricultural Sites

Videofied is a great tool for protecting agricultural machinery, ammonia anhydrous tanks, piles of harvested sugar beets, irrigation equipment, remote grain storage and agricultural fields themselves. Videofied can be installed with only a cell tower signal – no need for the traditional AC power, phone line or internet requirements that agricultural sites often lack. Since agricultural sites are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate false alarms and deliver priority response from Law Enforcement.

  • Instant installation to protect agricultural equipment left in the fields
  • Outdoor protection in harsh environments
  • Up to 24 cameras on a single cell communicator

Private Security Firm Reaches Out To Public For Support

Mr. Brits in his element

For Mr Brits, a local farmer from the Apies river area, the morning of 5th May 2020 would have just been the start to another normal day.  But this day drastically changed his life when he was involved in a car crash with another vehicle in Lavender Avenue that caused Mr Brits to nearly loose his life.  The impact of the accident was so severe that Mr Brits were left in a critical condition where he broke his neck and fractured multiple discs in his back leaving him at risk to never be able to live the life he used to. The cause of the accident has not yet been determent as we do not have sufficient information yet.  Further investigation is pending on this matter

Follow the link for more information

Mr Brits is a hard-working, loving, and caring husband and father of two children, whom are now in urgent need of support and help from US all.  Mr Brits is the leader and anker of his household. But as a result of this unfortunate accident, he will no longer be able to fulfil his duties at home or even live a normal life without the help and support of the community, family and friends. 

A fundraising  trust account has been opened where anyone can contribute any amount towards the various areas of need for Mr Brits and his family.  Mr Brits will have to undergo multiple surgeries and months of therapy in order to recover from this dramatic event.  Since they do not have a medical aid, expenses will add up to a substantial amount

The Brits family need your support
Follow and Like the Facebook page for future updates on Mr Theo

Changes will have to be made to their home in order to accommodate various medical impairments that Mr Brits will be facing during recovery. They will be facing a loss of income as Mr Brits will not be able to farm, they will further have difficult times ahead and will need all the help they can get. We kindly ask anyone who can, to help Mr Brits and his family to survive this unfortunate incident that left them severely devastated by contributing to the fund raiser trust account.  All funds will be managed by J Broodryk Attorneys.  Please help us to make a difference.

You can make a difference


GAC Riot Deployment -Private Game Reserve

Kekana, Hammasnkraal @ 2016

GAC together with SAPS POP (Public Order Police) and local CPF members were deployed to Kekana Gardens area for a Civil unrest period of 2 weeks.

Local community members illegally forced themselves on an occupied piece of land inside the game reserve to claim the land as their own. GAC Security officers and the SAPS POP unit ensured safe and secure access to the game reserve for all road users, employees, and guests.

The civil unrest was settled in a well-coordinated manner through negotiations with the local community members and tribal leaders.

As an end result, both the community members and tribal leaders left the game reserve in peace as negotiations were both satisfactory and calmly settled.

Kekana, Hammasnkraal @ 2016


So skyn die son weer vir die boer na veediefstal

In die vroeë oggend ure het GAC RISK SOLUTIONS (Sekuriteitsfirma) ‘n berig ontvang op ‘n gemeenskapsradio oor ‘n voorval waar vee kort voor die berig geplaas is, gesteel was.


GAC se eenhede was ontbied saam met die plaaslike buurtwagte en lede van die publiek.

Binne minute was die ingang en uitgaan paaie geblok en is ‘n soektog geloots.

Op toneel het GAC se sekuriteitsoffisier die spoor gevat en begin loop ter voet. Die spoor het direk gely na ‘n berg koppie wat nie ver van die toneel af is nie.

Met die spoedige reaksie van die plaaslike buurtwagte, die publiek en die strategiese besluit om die wyk toe te maak met voertuie, het dit verhoed dat die diewe wat die vee ter voer aangejaag het, nie verder as ‘n paar honderd meter voor ons uit kon kom nie. Na ongeveer 2 ure se fyn kam van die koppie en met die son wat sy verskyning maak, was die bokke gevind.

Die eienaar kon dadelik sy bokke uitken en was die vee veilig terug besorg aan hom. Ongelukkig was geen verdagtes gevind nie.


Boer sien rooi op Valentynsdag

Valentynsdag is beroemd vir die kleur rooi, dis presies wat die boerbok boer die oggend gesien het toe hy agter kom sy Suid-Afrikaanse kampioen stoet bokke is gesteel

@ 2017/02/14 Pretoria Rural

Waar daar ‘n wil is, is daar ‘n weg”. Dit is presies wat die verdagtes bewys het. Soos te sien op die bogenoemde foto, het die verdagtes ‘n gat onderdeur die elektriese heining gegrou om toegang te verkry tot die perseel. Hulle het ook hierdie deurgang gebruik om die bokke uit die perseel te lei en te verwyder.

Die oggend van Valentynsdag het ‘n lid van die publiek GAC RISK SOLUTIONS, ‘n sekuriteitsfirma, gekontak om hulp te ontbied rakende die gesteelde stoet. GAC was binne minute op die toneel en het onmiddelik die spoor ter voet begin loop. Die bokke was vir kilometers aangejaag ter voet voordat hulle in ‘n ou verlate kwarrie gat opgelaai was deur ‘n voertuig

Die sekuriteitsbeampte het die presiese roete geloop waar hy die oplaaipunt gevind het, maar al die vee was alreeds weg


SAPS, Private Security arrest suspects during an illegal gathering

18/04/2020 @ Kameeldrift area

GAC Risk Solutions a Private Security Company were stationed on the N1 freeway near Hammanskraal. The QRF (quick reaction force) team of GAC was deployed for the night to monitor the N1/N4 for “Spike robberies”.

It was a busy night for the team, from chasing home invaders, stock theft suspects and a wanted murder throughout the night

Roundabout 03H00 am GAC noticed a message on a what’s app group from Rural SAPS members asking for assistance to apprehend suspects that were hiding in an open bushland area.


It’s still unclear how the Police came across the location of the illegal gathering that was taking place, but all that we can say is job well done for spotting them.

In total there was 4 vehicles and 5 suspects hidden in a thick bushland area next to a river that is not noticeable from the main road

Upon the arrival of the Police Officers on-site, the 5 suspects fled into the dark bushes. The Police immediately asked for assistance to help track down these suspects. GAC responded within minutes to the scene

With both SAPS and GAC on the scene, the search started for the suspects. A few minutes in the search, 4 of the 5 suspects were apprehended The search continued for the 5th suspects but due to the difficult terrain, he couldn’t be apprehended.

A total of 4 Vehicles and 4 suspects were taken to the local Police station in the Kameeldrift area



Stolen Motorcycle-Recovery

2018 @ Northern Pretoria area

15-02-2018 GAC recieved a phone call from a home owner that was in need of some GAC magic.

A BMW Motorcycle that was securely parked in the garage was stolen during the early morning.

GAC dispatched their track and trace team to the location of where the complainant was residing.

The officer started to follow the tracks on foot. The officer walked for a distance of 7.7 km when he noticed, suspects loading a motorcycle that matches the description of the stolen motorcycle on a white pick up

The officer immediately intervened and managed to apprehended one suspect.

The owner was notified and confirmed that the motorcycle does belong to him. The white pick-up and the suspects were handed over to the local SAPS

Well done to all the officers that were involved, through hard work and pure determination your efforts led to great success