ZERO INCIDENTS – Riot deployment Pretoria

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During this Covid-19 lockdown, life isn’t easy, employees and employers are both taking huge financial losses for something that is out of their control. With South-Africa having one of the highest rates of industrial and civil unrest actions and its strikes being well known for its violence, it’s only a matter of time before GAC will be deployed again.

GAC urge all business owners that it must be in every business’s need to be properly prepared for these types of unrest that occur more frequently nowadays.

-Mass actions can not only financially damage any company with regards to property damage, personal injury and production loss, but can also cause serious damage to an established brand and the way the public perceive that brand globally-

-SA should brace for social unrest in the coming months, study finds- The SRI 2020 identifies South Africa as highly vulnerable to social unrest in the next 18 monthThe country is placed 79th out of 102 in the assessment.

GAC strongly believes that the use of force, including non-lethal force, is our last resort. Instead of trying to “beat” the rioters in battle, we develop non-invasive measures to counter-steer all actions that can lead to violence.

Our strategy is not to face the rioters, but rather to safeguard our client’s belongings, building structures, employees and most important of all the companies (clients) name and reputation.