Private Security Firm Reaches Out To Public For Support

Mr. Brits in his element

For Mr Brits, a local farmer from the Apies river area, the morning of 5th May 2020 would have just been the start to another normal day.  But this day drastically changed his life when he was involved in a car crash with another vehicle in Lavender Avenue that caused Mr Brits to nearly loose his life.  The impact of the accident was so severe that Mr Brits were left in a critical condition where he broke his neck and fractured multiple discs in his back leaving him at risk to never be able to live the life he used to. The cause of the accident has not yet been determent as we do not have sufficient information yet.  Further investigation is pending on this matter

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Mr Brits is a hard-working, loving, and caring husband and father of two children, whom are now in urgent need of support and help from US all.  Mr Brits is the leader and anker of his household. But as a result of this unfortunate accident, he will no longer be able to fulfil his duties at home or even live a normal life without the help and support of the community, family and friends. 

A fundraising  trust account has been opened where anyone can contribute any amount towards the various areas of need for Mr Brits and his family.  Mr Brits will have to undergo multiple surgeries and months of therapy in order to recover from this dramatic event.  Since they do not have a medical aid, expenses will add up to a substantial amount

The Brits family need your support
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Changes will have to be made to their home in order to accommodate various medical impairments that Mr Brits will be facing during recovery. They will be facing a loss of income as Mr Brits will not be able to farm, they will further have difficult times ahead and will need all the help they can get. We kindly ask anyone who can, to help Mr Brits and his family to survive this unfortunate incident that left them severely devastated by contributing to the fund raiser trust account.  All funds will be managed by J Broodryk Attorneys.  Please help us to make a difference.

You can make a difference