Tips to improve your Survival in a farm attack

If you can defend yourself and your family, you can defend your neighbors; when neighbors defend each other, they defend their community

The first thing that needs to change is one’s mindset.

If you can acknowledge that you are a soft target or you can admit to yourself that you can become a victim of an attack, you already started with your mindset change. Most people refuse to acknowledge that they could be vulnerable and don’t think an attack could happen to them.

In an attack your mind can be one of your worst enemies or your best friend. Your body’s natural reaction to danger is the fight-flight-freeze response. It’s a type of stress response that helps you react to perceived threats. In a contact situation, you don’t want to freeze, it can cost you your life, neither do you just want to run as this might also cost you your life.

Now you are probably wondering what must I do then?

The mind controls the body. When you train your mind with muscle memory drills and exercises, the rest will follow.


The stereotypical roles of men and women should also change. People, in general, should not only think that it’s only a man’s responsibility to protect their family in vulnerable situations. In most attacks, the suspects go after the male figure of the house first. This leaves their wives to defend themself and/or the rest of the family. By training females more sufficiently, the element of surprise will be pushed back onto the attackers.

There are four mental modes of preparedness

  • Green – Relaxed and calm
  • Yellow -Vigilant of your surroundings
  • Orange – Knowledge of an attack that can or is going to take place
  • Red – In attack or defense mode
    We suggest that you should always be between yellow and orange mode

We all know that it is easy to say, change your mindset. But how does one actually do that?

This is what our training is all about. We understand the need to protect what is important and valuable to you. Therefore, we also know how important it is to teach you how to be mentally ready for any critical situation. The mind is only a muscle that needs to be trained.


Farmers, it’s never too late to “Gear-up”

A Picture speaks a thousand words

GAC believes by actively empowering communities, husbands, wives, and children, by providing them with the necessary tools, advice, and skills is the first step to prevent, avoid or overcome a farm attack.

The hard and sad truth that everybody knows but no one would say is that nobody is coming to save you as fast as you would like. Safety starts at your home. More than 70% of farm attacks happen between the 4 walls that you call home. Your life and your family’s life is your own responsibility. Why not be better prepared?


While farmer’s residents are being infiltrated and attacked in military-style co-ordinated methods, it makes it impossible for farmers to have a survival chance without prior necessary training.

A criminal’s primary advantage is the element of surprise, and this needs to be changed. Now you are probably wondering, how do I eliminate the element of surprise? One of the answers is, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET! We like to call it MENTAL TRAINING.

We must be honest with ourselves. According to Police statistics, there is an increase in farm murders. Read the article below:

With this being said, if you are living on a farm, it might only be a matter of time before you become part of the statistics – Farmers, don’t get caught on the back foot! Act today and change your chances of survival.

It has been said that, you are going to fight the way you train. Training is not only a physical practice but also a mental practice. Our minds are our biggest enemy when facing the element of surprise such as an attack. When you are in danger your mind gives you three options, fight, flight or freeze. Fight-Flight-Freeze response is the body’s automatic built-in system designed to protect us from threats or danger.

Nowadays it must be everybody’s mindset to improve their own safety and security. Times are only going to get harder and tougher.

Farmers, are you tired of theft on your farm? Are you concerned about your safety? Do you need some tactical training? Call us today. We can help with advice, training (tactical, physical, mental) and we also do consultations.


Recovered Stolen Items Found In The Bushes

Early morning GAC officers received a phone call from a non-client asking if we can assist in a breaking that accrued. The track and trace team were deployed. The team traced the tracks by foot and it led upon the recovery of some of the stolen items that were stolen by an unknown group of suspects through the night. All the recovered items were handed back to the owners

The purpose of the image is tho show that an electric fence isn't that secure
The suspects dug a hole underneath the electric fence to gain access to the premises.
The incident @ 2018

The Question you must ask yourself is, how safe am I really behind an electric fence?