The Nyaope ‘Bluetooth’ craze is real – NO to drugs

Nyaope (also known as whoonga or wunga) is a highly addictive, dangerous and destructive street drug, unique to South Africa

A single hit can cost as little as R30 for a parcel or straw and is smoked by heating the cocktail of ingredients and inhaling the fumes or to inject it with a needle in their feigns. The blood drug solutions are then extracted from the feigns and injected into their partner to save money. this process is called “BLUETOOTH”

The drug Nyaope is widely sold on most corners in rural areas

Nyaope is a cocktail of illegal drugs

Both heroin and dagga, which are the main narcotic ingredients of nyaope, are listed as undesirable dependence-producing substances in the Drugs Act.

The effects of nyaope include:

Severe body aches, shivering, anxiety, insomnia, glazed eyes, hot and cold flushes

The low-grade heroin used means one can get toxic side effects such as skin diseases, frequent infections and lowered immunity.

Because nyaope is smoked with dagga, the user becomes addicted to dagga as well.

Dagga can have side effects such as hallucinations, paranoia, flashbacks, changes in eating habits, weight loss, and restlessness

Nyaope users usually begin to neglect their school work or their jobs, and may eventually quit work or school altogether.

Users need extra money to pay for the drugs also increases, and this often leads to criminal behavior when they no longer have legal access to money.

Because nyaope is so addictive, addicts may become violent when they are unable to access the drug, and may commit violent crimes even against family members or friends in order to get money.


KHAT drug -Know your local Drugs – say NO to Drugs

Khat or qat (Catha edulisArabic: القات‎ al-qat) is a flowering plant native to the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Khat contains the alkaloid cathinone, a stimulant, which is said to cause excitement, loss of appetite, and euphoria.

Khat in powder form seems to be the most addictive form of the drug. Abuse of this drug is widespread in South Africa and especially in Cape Town. The drug addiction symptoms are much the same as when a person is addicted to other drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Khat is a stimulant drug and it is also an amphetamine

Where does KHAT grow in South-Africa?
Khat is found in woodlands and on rocky outcrops. It is scattered in KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape, mostly from the mist belt, moving inland. It is also found in the Western Cape, Mpumalanga, Swaziland, Mozambique and through to tropical Africa and the Arab countries

Is Khat illegal in South Africa?
In South Africa, Catha edulis is a protected tree. The use of khat is illegal.

  • SAPS drug awareness web-site:
    • Drugs such as dagga, heroin, Ecstasy, Mandrax, tik and cocaine are illegal.
    • Further, you could experience a very pleasant response to one drug, yet another drug could have a very frightening reaction B it could even kill you.
    • Like any business, the illicit drug industry is profit-driven. Therefore, drug dealers use a variety of substances to cut drugs.
    • Some of these substances may be more harmful than the drug itself.
    • The drug you are offered tomorrow may look the same as the drug you were offered yesterday, but you can never be certain of what it contains.
    • The only way to be sure that you do not ingest it is to avoid taking drugs in the first place!
    • Drugs can be swallowed (pills), smoked, inhaled or injected.
    • You can never anticipate the effect that drugs will have on you.
    • It is a mistake to think that experience increases your tolerance levels or that nothing will happen to you if you take a drug that you have used before.
    • It is a well-known fact that seasoned drug addicts often die of an overdose.
    • Drug addiction seduces you into wanting more and different and stronger drugs, against your will and the natural tolerance of your body.
    • No matter how good you may feel when using drugs, your body suffers. Drugs are dangerous.
    • If you take drugs, you are at great risk of becoming addicted.

(Cocaine, Ecstasy, Speed, Crack-Cocaine, Tik)

  • Uppers are designed to make you feel great. They make you feel alive, dynamic, and energized.
  • Depending on your personal response to the drug, you could, however, also feel anxious, nervous and paranoid. You could even die.
  • Uppers put a terrible strain on the heart. Long-term use destroys your nerves, takes away your appetite and causes sleeplessness.
  • You will end up taking a downer as your body suffers withdrawal symptoms when the drug wears off.
  • You will feel depressed and, sometimes, suicidal.

DOWNERS (Dagga, Heroin, Mandrax)

  • Downers make you feel relaxed or laid back.
    • Unfortunately, you cannot control just how relaxed you will be.
    • Long-term use of downers causes lethargy and makes it harder for you to do the things you need to do as a functional member of society.
    • Schoolchildren and students who use these drugs find it hard to study or complete assignments, and relationships inevitably suffer.
    • Too much of a powerful downer like heroin, causes the systems of the body to shut down, eventually leading to death.


  • These drugs cause powerful hallucinations or dreams in which your reality is changed.
  • You cannot predict whether the dream will be enjoyable or be a hideous nightmare.
  • A Abad trip@ can haunt you for the rest of your life, with flashbacks occurring at any time.
    • Drugs cause different reactions in different people.
    • Never take a drug based on someone else=s reported experience of using that drug.
    • Never persuade someone else to take a drug based on your own experience of using it.
    • The first time you take a drug, you will probably experience an exhilarating high.
    • As your body becomes used to the drug, you will need more and more of it to experience the same intense reaction.
    • This increasing tolerance to a drug is actually a growing addiction.
    • Addiction comes with a big price tag.
    • The more drugs you want, the more money you need to feed the habit.
    • Drugs are expensive and their effect on you makes it unlikely that you will be able to earn enough money to afford them.
    • Some drug addicts turn to crime and other high-risk behaviour.
    • Many are arrested and go to prison.
    • Others turn to prostitution and live tragic and tainted lives, and almost inevitably die young.
    • Some people take drugs for a while and then manage to escape before they become addicts or before irreparable harm is done.
    • It is not weak people who become drug addicts, its drug addicts who become weak people.
    • No addict takes that first drug believing that he or she will become addicted.
    • All addicts start out believing that they could give up drugs any time they wanted to.
    • Every addict is sad proof of how wrong that belief is.
    • When you feel that you cannot cope with life’s challenges, you may feel tempted to take a drug to make you feel vibrant and confident, or to change your sense of reality B even if only for a short while.
    • Instant gratification, a sense of peace, a wonderful trip, or a feeling of power B all these things you are promised by those who offer you drugs.
    • Such persons often describe the effects of drugs in glowing terms. But they do not tell you that you cannot control your response to a drug.
    • When you feel that you cannot cope with life=s challenges, you may feel tempted to take a drug to make you feel vibrant and confident, or to change your sense of reality B even if only for a short while.
    • Instant gratification, a sense of peace, a wonderful trip, or a feeling of power B all these things you are promised by those who offer you drugs.
    • Such persons often describe the effects of drugs in glowing terms. But they do not tell you that you cannot control your response to a drug.
    • The more you like a drug, the more you will want it and eventually you will become addicted.
    • When the drug wears off, reality will still be there with all the problems from which you were trying to escape.
    • Uppers make you need downers and a combination of the two can kill you.
    • Drugs let you lose control, which, in turn, makes you lose the ability to do certain things (for instance, to drive your car).
    • However tempting it may be, using drugs to take a break from reality will not make your problems disappear or make life better.
    • If you feel that things are spiraling out of control and you are overwhelmed by problems, seek real help from someone who cares.
    • People who try to sell you drugs are not interested in your well-being.
    • You may already have used drugs and you may be scared of becoming addicted.
    • But remember: No matter how much trouble you think you will be in if you ask for help, you will be in worse trouble if you do not.

      SANCA is an organization that has caring professionals who deal with drug abuse daily.
      • SANCA 24 Hour Helpline………………….. 0861472622