About Us


Not only has crime intensively increased among business operations but it has also significantly increased amongst the private sector. Investment in security is probably the only true effective form of reducing threats of vandalism, aggressive behaviour towards staff and service users, theft and all other criminal activities. It can also help reduce a company’s vulnerability to many factors that threaten performance facilities, employees, key management personnel and all valuable assets.

More about us

GAC Risk Solutions is a newly established security company that registered in 2018. Our business structure is based on ISO 9001 guide lines and principles. Furthermore, we are fully compliant with all legislation and regulations required to operate a successful business.

Mr. J du Plessis, owner and founder of the company has more than ten years accumulated experience in the security industry. Mr. du Plessis recognised a significant gap for specialized security services that cannot only provide a service to both the public and private sectors but also provide you with security solutions.

GAC (Group Against Crime) believe that fighting crime is not an individual task, but rather a group effort. We render security services that co-operates with SAPS, METRO POLICE and other civil organizations. Our collaboration approach has provided GAC Risk Solutions with many successful events where we now have a proven track record and many satisfied clients.

We pride ourselves in building a company that reflects high standard of professionalism where integrity is key.

  • Motivation

    GAC Risk Solutions is a level 4 BBBEE compliant company that believe in the progression and success of all nationalities in our society, there for our company will create job opportunities on a constant basis which will have a positive contribution towards the economic status of our country.

    We provide security and risk management solutions to all customers by means of a accurate comprehensive security and risk assessment through our highly trained professional security personnel.

    We offer services and business practises that is always transparent and at all times measurable.

  • Vision

    At GAC RISK SOLUTIONS we have strict training programmes – We develop, empower and motivate our employees at all levels. Our employees are of crucial value to us as they contribute drastically to the success in achieving our goals as a company where we have the vision to be the leading security company in South Africa, set by example.

    We have stringent recruitment criteria that is focused on aptitude and attitude to ensure that our clients have the best of what they expect from us as their preferred security provider.

    To deliver a service level agreement which provides a framework for the services rendered and to ensure accountability and risk sharing.

  • Mission

    At GAC RISK SOLUTIONS we aim to reach the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour, while promoting good government.

    We strive to develop a strong long-term relationship with our clients to provide effective quality security services tailored to each client’s needs and budget.

    We focus on efforts to constantly improve not only in re-investing in business development but also to make the best choices to meet our clients’ needs and provide them complete peace of mind.